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   Tappit cutters! Pros… I love the font, some cake designs look better overall with the lowercase or uppercase Tappit cutters.  Cons… they can be intimidating to use.  Many times I hear from bakers, both beginners and advance, they have trouble using them. I remember wanting to pull my hair out the first time I […]

More Despicable Me Cakes!

Hello 🙂If anyone had noticed, I am no longer :(… I lost the domain and been trying to gain it back, I made an offer, hopefully they (whoever the new owner is) will be understanding and give the name back to me.  I’m still TheCakingGirl.  But it’s no longer dot com. it’s dot ca.Why […]

How to make Gumpaste Figurines

Follow my Facebook for more tutorials and cake pix! TheCakingGirl Facebook One of my fave caking thing to do is mould gumpaste figurines! I still haven’t tried using sculpting chocolate yet (it’s more pricey), but I’ve heard great things about it, so far gumpaste work well for me :). I’m sticking with gumpaste. One thing that […]