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You’ve probably seen this latest baby shower cake trend floating around- the gift box baby butt cake design! Instead of the typical baby butt under a blanket baby shower cake design,  this new cake design looks like a baby is rummaging through tissue papers to see what’s in the gift box.  Here I will show […]

Cute Hippo Figurine Tutorial, with Fondant/Gumpaste

 HOW TO MAKE A CUTE HIPPO CAKE TOPPER CUTE HIPPO FIGURINE TUTORIAL WITH FONDANT, GUMPASTE OR CLAY 1. Roll the gumpaste into an oval shape, use the side of the mini rolling pin or your finger, to push the top smaller so you have the bottom part wider as the hippo’s nose and mouth. 2. […]

Fondant Olaf Figurine Tutorial

Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting my site! I’ve put together an Olaf figurine tutorial video here,or if you prefer, a pictorial is below. If you like my tutorials, enter your email on the right side of this blog to subscribe to my blog updates! Also follow me on Pinterest, I post all my new tutorials […]