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How to make a human figurine – Hiro figurine Big Hero 6 Tutorial

How to make a human figurine tutorial  How to make Hiro from Big Hero 6 Figurine Tutorial  I’m super excited to share this tutorial with you! I’ve been getting a lot of requests on how to make human figurines for cake toppers.  I’ve actually been trying to improve my sculpting/figurines the past couple of years […]

Mickey Mouse Figurine Tutorial – Fondant Cake Decorating

How to make a Mickey Mouse Figurine! Hey everyone, I know a lot of ppl wanted to know how to make an edible Mickey Mouse figurine with fondant or gumapste, myself included! He’s one of the most challenging characters to create in 3D for cakes.  I figured out a way to make the snout, so […]

Fondant Olaf Figurine Tutorial

Hey everyone! Thanks for visiting my site! I’ve put together an Olaf figurine tutorial video here,or if you prefer, a pictorial is below. If you like my tutorials, enter your email on the right side of this blog to subscribe to my blog updates! Also follow me on Pinterest, I post all my new tutorials […]

Cute Disney Cupcakes! Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cupcakes

These are my original designs of Disney Cupcakes, I made them 4 years ago. I’ve been seeing them make it’s rounds on the internet and instagram 🙂  Very happy to know that people like my designs!  My original posts on Instagram 🙂 I’d love to hear from you there! Are you following my Instagram yet? […]

More Despicable Me Cakes!

Hello 🙂If anyone had noticed, I am no longer :(… I lost the domain and been trying to gain it back, I made an offer, hopefully they (whoever the new owner is) will be understanding and give the name back to me.  I’m still TheCakingGirl.  But it’s no longer dot com. it’s dot ca.Why […]

How to make Gumpaste Figurines

Follow my Facebook for more tutorials and cake pix! TheCakingGirl Facebook One of my fave caking thing to do is mould gumpaste figurines! I still haven’t tried using sculpting chocolate yet (it’s more pricey), but I’ve heard great things about it, so far gumpaste work well for me :). I’m sticking with gumpaste. One thing that […]

CANDY CRUSH CUPCAKES! Time Lapse Cake Video!

CANDY CRUSH!  CANDY CRUSH CUPCAKES! I can get addicted to new Iphone apps and Facebook games easily! I remember being addicted to Angry Birds, Cooking Mama, Temple Run, Draw Something on Facebook, and Cafe World on Facebook. I was reeeally addicted to Cafe World lol. I remember playing that during my classes.. not paying attention […]

My First Tumblr Set: Calvin and Hobbes Cake!

My first attempt at making a Tumblr set! What do you guys think? My limited cropping/measuring skills on Photoshop lol.Anyone remember Calvin and Hobbes? They’re a popular 90s comic strip! I made this Calvin and Hobbes cake last week, she wanted something “whimsical” so I went on google to look for some Calvin and Hobbes inspiration.. […]