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CANDY CRUSH CUPCAKES! Time Lapse Cake Video!

CANDY CRUSH!  CANDY CRUSH CUPCAKES! I can get addicted to new Iphone apps and Facebook games easily! I remember being addicted to Angry Birds, Cooking Mama, Temple Run, Draw Something on Facebook, and Cafe World on Facebook. I was reeeally addicted to Cafe World lol. I remember playing that during my classes.. not paying attention […]


HAPPY BIRTHDAY E! She turned 8… every year I make her something for her birthday,for her first birthday, I made her baby blocks with yarn.I can’t believe that was 8 years ago. This year, I wanted to make her a cake video,she thinks it’s “cool” mommy knows how to use YouTube lol.I kinda do. I […]


Hey guys! Here’s my second TIME LAPSE cake video! I recorded myself making GARFIELD AND FRIENDS cupcakes! I had a lot of fun doing this, I had originally wanted to make this a tutorial video so you’ll see me showing the cupcake right at the lens are several occasions. The Garfield and Friends cupcake was […]

Fondant Decorating: FRUIT NINJA CUPCAKES!

Hey guys! This is my very first time lapse cake video! It wasn’t easy working with the editing program, but I’ll definitely take the time to teach myself and make more videos! 🙂 This cupcake theme is based on the game FRUIT NINJA for ipads and smart phones!  That’s all for now 🙂  -Joey