(Edit: DAY 3 )Tuna Challenge! (Food Art!!)

Hello! So I bought a huge ass can of tuna (from Costco of course lol), it’s a better deal than to buy the small cans.. but when I got home, I realized if I ever open the can of tuna, it’s gonna be a whole week of eating tuna for breakfast, lunch and dinner! So I’ve been dreading to open it. 

Well, I finally opened it yesterday… finished up most of the foods in the fridge, so we can eat nothing but tuna all week lol. 

Day 1: Tuna Melt Sandwiches

Day 2: Tuna Casserole with cheese and veggies!


 So, after 6 tuna melt sandwiches and a pot of tuna casserole, I still have 90% of the tuna can left! 
Hahaha.. noooo! I need to use it up… any tuna recipes? Send them my way! 😀

(Uh oh.. I went from cucumber hearts.. to a house the next day, plus I took a pic with my SLR camera,
that means I’m serious lol.. I think I found a new hobby… FOOD ART!!!)

Day 3: Avocado Tuna Salad!

how to make bento food art

how to make bento food art

Doing food art is so much faster than caking! Took me less than 5 minutes to make the bear.
 The bear’s saying “LOVE” to you by the way!!