Fondant decorating: How to make a LEGO CUPCAKE!

 I was a huge lego fan when I was a kid, my parents didn’t buy my sisters and I many toys, so we spent a lot of time with this huge bag of hand me down legos. It was a set to make a boat, but a lot of pieces were missing.  There were only white, gray and black lego pieces too haha.  I remember I really wanted
the green board so badly haha! I built furniture with them for my barbie dolls too. I LOVE LEGO!

I was in Halifax over the summer and saw these lego cutlery in a kitchenware store!!
 They are too cute!! I had to get them! 🙂
diy fondant lego tutorial

Of course, I had to make lego cupcakes and take pictures with the cutlery when I got home!
..and here’s a lego man on a cupcake. He’s made out of gumpaste, entirely edible!
Easy DIY lego cupcake tutorial!
diy how to make gumpaste lego tutorial

What you’ll need:

– clump of fondant
– rolling pin
– any edible color dye
– small circle cutter
– water
– paintbrush and toothpick (optional)
– a knife


1. Use a toothpick and dab a bit of your edible color dye onto the fondant. Knead the fondant until the color is all mixed. You might need to add the color several times to get a nice intense color like the lego blocks.

2. Roll out the fondant about 3/4 of an inch thick.

3. Use the circle cutter and cut out 6 fondant circles.

4. Roll the fondant together and roll it out to 3/4 inch think again. 

5. ‘Glue’ the circle fondant onto the rolled out fondant by dabbing a bit of water. The water acts as a glue between the fondant. I like using a small paintbrush to apply water, you can use your finger, or toothpick etc.

6. With the knife, cut a rectangular shape around the circles.

7. Let it dry for a few hours, and you can place them onto cupcakes! You can make variations by using different colors and different lego pieces (2 circles, 4 circles).

Btw, the cutlery are not lego brand, if you’re interested, look up 
“Fred and Friends Snack and Stack” lego cutlery. You can buy them online!