Fondant Decorating: How to Paint on Fondant with Edible Ink

Hey everyone,

This video was the very first time I tried recording myself making a cake, I was so excited to try video editing, but I thought I accidently deleted the file on my computer so I never uploaded this video.  I recently found it on my computer so here it is!!

Tips on painting on fondant with edible ink:

– mix with vodka instead of water for faster drying

-if the cake will be served to children, instead of vodka, you can use lemon extract

-give the fondant some time to dry first, so when you paint on it, the brush will glide like you’re
painting on paper (I like letting the fondant dry over night)

-if you’re afraid to make any mistakes (you can’t correct mistakes on painted fondant!), you can use
pins to mark where you plan to paint on, or use edible markers to draw an outline

-I like to mix my edible ink to get the custom colours I want, don’t restrict yourself to the primary and secondary colours only!

-I like to stand to paint on my cakes, when you sit, you tend to want to lean your hand onto the cake (can’t touch the cake!)

-buy a pallette from any art store, it’s very helpful!

-instead of buying brushes from cake stores, I buy my brushes from art stores, they are WAY better quality, a lot cheaper, and way more variety to choose from (I bought a cake decorating brush set, it’s really the same thing as art store brushes, except the quality sucked.. I soaked it in water for cleaning and the handle broke in half lol)

Anyways, I hope these tips help.  I remember googling and reading cake books for “Painting on Fondant Tips”, and I didn’t find them that helpful. My tips are from mistakes I’ve made painting on fondant the first few times.  Goodluck!